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Arlene McGuire grew up in Harlem, New York, with her family who all came to the US from Jamaica, West Indies. As a young person, she loved words, including reading and writing essays, which allowed her mind to take flights of fancy and sharing for others to enjoy. In addition to her dream of being a writer, Arlene desired to be a voiceover artist, which she achieved as a podcast narrator in the Vertikal Reading Room. In her spare time, Arlene enjoys painting and spending time with her grandchildren. She and her husband reside in the Atlanta area.


Helping Others

My battle with cancer has made me aware of how devastating the effects of treatment are on the mind and body.  My desire to help with contributions to St. Jude’s is because, I now know what those small children withstand during treatment.

Helping the parents with the costs for treatment,  removes one major obstacle. I am excited to assist both children and parents, during their fight.

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Mixed Media


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The Alexis Collection, Mixed Media


I live for the joy today brings
Knowing that tears can be joyful

– Arlene McGuire

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Welcome to Arlene’s Art Shoppe

Welcome to Arlene’s Art Shoppe

I am delighted by your look in. This day of launching my artwork for sale has been a boon to my desire to keep on trucking as a creator. With this blog, I hope to enliven encourage and inspire some visitors to my shoppe. This work began in 2014 after 2 years of...



I am very happy to begin this new journey in my art hobby. It enables me to give to St. Jude Children's Hospital to help the little ones. My expression of my Passion/Purpose has exploded over the past few years. With an extreme desire to share my talents,  since I...


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Check out more of Arlene’s amazing Art Shoppe where you can purchase a print.  Contact Arlene if you would like to purchase the original canvas. 

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